This Can Happen To You" are actual stories of real people who a) get burned when they least expect it, b) find no one will hold the responsible party accountable, and c) perhaps worst of all, discover no one seems to be willing to help them; in short – the unsolvable problem. "This Can Happen to You" is the forum where you can watch us solve unsolvable problems.

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell presents "This Can Happen To You / LOCKED OUT"

When a $30 unlock fee went to $300, a young man found himself to be victim of a scheme no one saw coming.

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell presents "This Can Happen To You / MONEY WIRE MAYHEM"

Preying on the heartstrings of the elderly is a heartless crime. No one imagined it was a $500,000,000 nationwide scam.

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell presents "This Can Happen To You / LANDSCAPE ESCAPE"

When a contractor is given thousands for a landscaping job that never happened, it took the investigative team and an ambush to get the victim’s money returned.

NEW SEASON | 2018-2019

Have you ever received a phone call from the “IRS,” telling you you’re being investigated for tax evasion? Dale Cardwell received that phone call  - watch as he uncovers a ridiculous money grabbing scam that could happen to you.

Everyone knows the old adage, “It got lost in the mail.” But what do you do when you send a valuable package using a international shipping service and that package gets lost and the package delivery service won’t help track it down? Dale Cardwell helps one consumer find her package and helps you avoid this happening to you the next time you send a package.

On-line shopping used to be limited to clothes and or inexpensive items.  Nowadays, a lot of folks are making purchases on the net but sometimes those impersonal purchases means lack of customer care.  Dale Cardwell investigates one family’s quest to get a stove delivered but was held up by a lack of hands-on customer care.

One couple, looking to downsize and join the tiny house trend, gets taken for more than 20-thousand dollars with a home never being delivered.  Turns out, they’re not the first family to face this issue with this company.  Dale Cardwell tracks down the dealer, uncovers the business plan that thrives on stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Learn how to spot a con before you become a victim.

A road trip in a rental car puts one vacationing couple in danger.  But when they remedy the car’s tire issues, instead of an apology or compensation, they’re charged extra! Dale Cardwell calls out the National Rent-A-Car chain on their customer “no service” policy.

Practically every thing your buy, or service you use has a written warranty.  But sometimes you have to be a mouse to read the fine print – it’s one way companies can avoid being held to making good on their guarantee. Dale Cardwell talks with one lady who carefully read her contract and held the company accountable.

Imagine building your dream home, but because of a construction error, the last thing you can do in that home is dream, because your bedroom floor squeaks!  Dale Cardwell talks with a first time home owner who’s builder refuses to fix their mistake.

Think a termite bond protects you if termites are gnawing on your home?  It’s not an easy question to answer because many termite bonds have so many exclusions that the chances of the bonding company covering damage is minimal.  Dale Cardwell speaks with one homeowner about common misconceptions of termite bond coverage.

Have you ever hired a home improvement contractor without checking their references?  Some folks are so eager to get a good deal, they don’t do their homework and end up being burned by bad actors.  Dale Cardwell helps one woman nab a contractor who took her money without finishing the job.

It happens more often than you think – putting the wrong kind of fuel in your car. Dale Cardwell talks to one woman who made that mistake because the handles weren't clearly marked.  See how he helps her and prevents the same thing happening to other car owners.

Custom cabinets don’t come cheap so when a charming charlatan says he can complete your project in less time and for less money, many folks are easily deceived.  Dale Cardwell speaks to several homeowners who got caught up in one guy’s scheme to use their money to service bigger clients.

It’s the last place you’d think money would become a problem -  a medical office.  But when one dentist didn’t deliver on a pre-paid procedure, then refused to refund the money Dale Cardwell got involved and uncovered insight into how little oversight there is in the dental industry.

Dad always told you that before going on a long trip to check the fluids, flip the filters, and give the engine a clean bill of health.  Dale Cardwell speaks with one college student who did all the right things prior to departing on a cross country trip, only to have the engine to fail too far from home.  What do you do when the car company and the service shop are pointing fingers of blame at each other and a young man is stranded without a car and huge repair bill.

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